Visual Assignments

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Image with a message- 1 star

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Common Everyday objects- 2 stars

The tsp was to manipulate an image that you take and add some form of colour or stain to this. I used an editing software on my phone to add a green tint to this image.


Cogdogs’s 106 Assignment- 1 STAR

Celebrating DS106



I embarked on this task whilst doing some work with my friends in the library. It was fun to do and interesting to try and fufill all of the guidelines. Whilst I did this task I kept in mind some of the tips that I had read on the previous post.

For example ‘Get Picker’ was one of the suggestions made, I did the by trying to use a variety of close ups and log shots to create a more interesting finish. I also looked into the framing of shots when applying this to the converging lines image.

Prodominant colour in an image


A weird angle


Two things that don’t belong together




An image that conveys emotion


A image with dark tones


Something that isn’t a photograph


A cool Shadow…


Someone hand


A supernatural image


The time when I had finished this task.  I was so excited to complete it that I finished it within 4 minutes!


The Story Behind a Photo


Without any research the photo to me represents a sense of poverty, starving children and a beaten down mother worries about the offspring. This can be interoperated down to the expression in the women’s face. This photograph to me represents, strength at the same time, a close knit family with strong bonds, however this could be a single mother who’s husband left her, possibly to fight in a wa`r of some kind without looking at the era. The black and white filter to the image also leads me to believe a sense of sadness, as if the colour has drained out of the women and children, representing starvation.

Now that I have looked at this image with fresh eyes as my own interpretations I began to research what the image is about. The photograph is called ‘Migrant mother’ fitting to some of the stereotypes I had formed when first looking at the image. This image was from the era of ‘The Great Depression’, picturing an Agriculture worker- Florence Owens Thompson. The story also explains have the women is on her own with 7 children without food. This is something I had also picked up front looking at the image on first glance.

Super Hero Trailer!

So I’m home for Christmas! Doing my first daily create. Infact, my brother seemed very interested in what I had to do and the brief of the next task. He has been messing around with the features of iMovie himself on his new iPad, and I felt he would be the perfect person to collaborate with, allowing him to use his new skills with my help! Therefore, we created a trailer for a super hero called ‘Super Boy’. Having just past his Black Belt Grading we felt it was only necessary to invole his other talents. Here is the final product, which was certainly a group effort! I think e will follow in my film making footsteps!

Kurt Vonnegut’s Theory on the Shape of Stories

Kurt begins to talk about the ‘Boy gets Girl theory’. This is very common yet follows a very simple line structure. This stories seem to be predictable and obvious, right from the get go.

The Most popular and favouritiesed in our civilisation the ‘Cinderella Story’ starts of at the lowest point of happiness, meets her fairy god mother, goes to the ball heightening her happiness, the clock strikes 12, the like drops significantly. The prince eventually finds her and the shoe fits- reaching a line that curves off the scale with infinite happiness.

I applied this Theory to the film I watched last night entitled ‘The Women‘.

The main character finds out her friend’s husband is cheating on her by the particularly gobby manicurist. (The story begins lower down the scale.) The wife then finds out and all her ‘girlfriends’ get together and decide she should leave her husband (the line is still fairly low at this point as she goes through this break-up) She then decides to turn her life around and become a successful fashion designer with sax magically buying her entire new range (The line runs quickly up the scale almost peaking at the top) On the back of this the now ex-husband calls her and begs for her back, she doesn’t object and agrees to go on a date with him- they get back together and live happily ever after! This plots almost reflects the ‘Boys gets Girl’ theory.


What comes to mind when I think of Story Telling?

When I think of the word ‘Storytelling’. I would break to down into two parts. Story, this is something to be told, something that happened, something that is fictitious or non fictitious. It can be verbal, visual or written, boring or exciting. Passed down or kept a secret. Stories come in many forms, for example, this could come in a book or the form of images. We can make our own stories just by taking a picture. How we then com ego ‘tell’ this story is the means by which we share it. When ‘Telling’ this story, we share, speak about it, inform others, spread the ideas and details. We tell stories everyday through social media platforms when spreading personal images, status’ and ideas. The idea of storytelling can be limited or limitless, depending on who or what is telling the story.